Jewelry works were valued at all times, they spoke of the wealth and authority of their owners. In the modern world, this role has gone to functional fashion gadgets. Therefore, we combined the eternal and the trendy, linked jewelry and constructive. So there was CraftLux — the transformation of personal gadgets into a work with a one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

Designers, engineers and jewelers work on the creation of each CraftLux model. They are covered with precious metals, encrusted with precious stones, covered with leather and / or rare woods — so that the combination of noble and valuable materials becomes a single whole. A masterpiece that gives aesthetic, tactile and emotional pleasure to its owner.

Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style

Hello, dear readers! We are engaged in professional customization and modification of smartphones, watches and other gadgets in our own company CraftLux. A team of craftsmen under my leadership covers them with precious metals, inlays them with stones and valuable materials, applies logos and personal signs. Serial devices turn into beautiful, elegant and, most importantly, unique pieces of jewelry that take your breath away… However, you will understand my attitude to the work and its result when you hear my story.

Hi, my name is Mariia Nadtochii. I am originally from the Ukraine. I want to tell you my story thanks to which I managed to create my own brand, which makes masterpieces and unique phones and accessories for dear customers every day. A business that I could not have dreamed of, where I can show all my creative ideas and dreams.

My love for lovely matters, specifically telephones, has been inherent in me since my youth. In my pupil years, whilst cash became very tight, my creativeness became struck with the aid of using the Nokia 8800. When I first noticed a commercial for this phone in 2005, I became properly conscious that it became really well worth inconceivable cash, however, I became keen and set a purpose to get it. After a while, the purpose became achieved: I bought a Nokia 8800 on eBay, from a UK owner. Obviously, this man or woman did not handle this phone very carefully: the case became scratched, the glass became cracked. But as compared to the pleasure of the coveted acquisition, it didn’t matter. Especially given that I found out the way to restore the situation. I absolutely disassembled the phone, polished it, and changed the glass. The battered Nokia 8800 seemed like new! And it gave me super pleasure. The very feeling of its frame withinside the hand, the system of opening/ultimate the lid. I don’t know how long I would have enjoyed those emotional experiences, however, my pal interrupted them with a suggestion to buy my phone. He was struck by the perfect condition, and he decided to pay 5 times the amount that I spend when bought Nokia. And after that, for a long time, I could not decide which phone to buy in return. I doubted it for a long time, but still decided to part with my favorite toy.

The iPhone 2g has simply come into fashion. I became interested in it, but there were a lot of nuances. Still, I stored considering him. And as a result, I went returned to eBay and made a bid on the lot of the seller who agreed to ship the phone to the Czech Republic. To be honest, now no longer simplest became I now no longer positive of winning, however, I had a little wish of winning. So I decided not to think about it and went to sleep. To take a look at the popularity of the public sale the following morning and be amazed to locate that my bid became the most and won! Fate or a fortunate chance, however, the phone has become mine, and after 3 lengthy weeks, I became the owner of the coveted iPhone 2g in my hands. Of course, it became a lovely device. And the cool aluminum case, and the metallic frame, and the black screen, and the Apple logo. It became love at the beginning sight and touch, however, something missed. And I went returned to eBay, wherein I ordered a fixed of metallic frames and buttons blanketed in gold. I mounted those decorations on my phone, however, I was no longer absolutely satisfied. And I turned to a master jeweler to make an analog of the logo-an apple made of gold. Then I was completely satisfied with everything!

After multiple weeks, I was given a bit used to the splendor of my precise iPhone, however, an acquainted businessman observed it. He appreciated the phone a lot that he commenced insisting to buy it. I didn’t plan to part with the iPhone, so I diplomatically promised to think about this idea. But the buyer was persistent and generous. And I gave him my one-of-a-kind iPhone, already understanding that I might purchase myself an iPhone 3G. Of course, I also did not leave it in its original form and came up with a design for it to suit my taste: the smooth black case turned into matte, the buttons and emblem had been gold. And this time I without delay positioned it up for sale. The phone turned into sold without delay, I realized that my work needed to be systematized and put on a more regular basis. And for this, you need equipment for coating with gold and reagents.

Just at that point, I had a child, there was absolutely no free money, however, I determined to take a chance. The technology of gilding is by no means simple, the experience is just nothing, and the room for work is a garage without a hood and with one lamp. The experience came with practice, new tools gradually appeared, and the work began to boil.

The skill and reputation were accumulated. I was brought all the new models of iPhone 3g, 4, 4s. In addition to gilding the frames and logos, I tried stamping with leather. Many owners of the Blackberry 9900 ordered a gold coating.

Time passed, the work continued, and I moved the equipment from the garage to a more spacious and comfortable room. My tool kit has been supplemented with functional hoods, washing and polishing devices. The big extent of orders, which I could no longer handle alone, endorsed me to lease assistants. We started to apply yellow and rose gold, and the back wall was covered not only with exotic skins, however additionally with carbon, wood, and diamonds. Now our laboratory has its own know-how and proprietary recipes for additives. We personally perform all the stages of work manually: disassembly, processing, and final assembly. To do this, the workshop has everything you need: machine tools, coating baths, laser engraving machine, casting equipment, jewelry equipment, equipment for working with leather. All this is managed by 15 professionals, every of whom focuses on their personal area of skill: coating, engraving, milling, working with wood, assembly, etc. We use the best unique spare components that are supplied in the factory kit with the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other gadgets.

Every phone after our work becomes unique and, without exaggeration, particular. Moreover, most customers order the application of personal engraving and/or their own logo. As information about our workshop spread outside of the Czech Republic we began to receive orders from abroad. Now our gadgets are used in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our works are used by politicians, show business stars and athletes These are demanding customers, but we manage to surprise them every time.

As for the price, it depends on the phone model is formed when ordering individually.

Apple technology is in high demand in the market. Our clients love Apple smartphones and different gadgets. They are expecting new models and are creative when ordering customization.

We will be very happy to help you create your masterpiece and make your gadget stylish and unique.

It can also be a great gift for your loved ones or friends.

Underline your character with unique design!

Best regards, your Craftlux.